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When it comes to your home’s plumbing, it pays to take your needs to the professionals. With 25 years of serving Fort Worth and the surrounding communities, our team at True Plumbing has the experience, know-how, and skill you deserve from your plumber! We support both homeowners and local businesses with an expansive collection of services, including emergency plumbing repairs. Need to schedule an inspection for your plumbing system or get a quote for one of our many services? Give our team a call at 817-542-1980 and talk with one of our courteous professionals. You’ll soon learn why thousands of homeowners and companies choose True Plumbing as their local plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Emergency Plumbing Repair

Emergency Plumbing Services

Call our team at 817-542-1980 anytime for emergency plumbing repairs! Every plumber in our team understands what it feels like when an sudden leak brings your day to a halt. When you need a plumber in Fort Worth, TX that you can rely on for fast, but affordable repairs, our team is the one to contact. Whether you’re experiencing an unnerving sewer backflow, or a massive leak from a busted pipe, you can depend on our professionals to quickly assess the damage and render repairs.

Leak Repairs

Water Leak Repairs

Leaks can be a real hassle, but our experts at True Plumbing can take care of it for you. Our crew is equipped with hardware that allows us to quickly spot the source of your plumbing leak, whether it’s above ground or under it. Ready to get started on your inspection? Phone our team today, or browse through the links below for more of our services.

A Slab Leak

Slab Leak Repairs

Slab leaks are among the most dangerous plumbing crises you can experience. How you handle the situation will have lasting implications for your plumbing, foundation, and home interior. The most common indications of a slab leak include puddling water next to your exterior wall or concrete, unexplained pooling in the floors, and an elevated water bill. These symptoms are created by water leaking from damaged pipes in your slab. This moisture can damage your foundation, ruin flooring, and waste tremendous amounts of water. Repairing the pipes quickly is absolutely imperative. Call one of our plumbers immediately if you detect or suspect a slab leak!

  • Slab Leak Detection If you’re worried about a potential slab leak beneath your home, call for a prompt inspection!
  • What is a Slab Leak? Find out more about what causes slab leaks and how you can protect your home against them.

Toilet Repair

Our plumbing experts offer fast and affordable repairs for your toilet emergencies. Whether you’re dealing with a clog or nasty backflow, your family can expect courteous service and lasting results. After all, what sort of plumbing company would we be if we couldn’t fix a toilet? Contact our team today for fast repairs!

Household Plumbing Services

Inside of a Sewer Line

Plumbing Video Scopes

One of the biggest problems that plumbing companies had in the past was finding underground plumbing leaks. Plumbers couldn’t even start repairs until they had dug up the main sewer line or water line to find the problem, and that meant serious issues for homeowners’ yards. While limited tunneling is still used today for more serious cases, the most inspections and repairs can be completed without digging. This is possible thanks to plumbing video cameras that can be inserted into pipelines for direct visual inspection. Not only do our plumbers get a closeup view on the sources of underground leaks, we also can perform this inspection and repair work without damaging your yard!

A Tankless Water Heater

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Purchasing a new water heater is one of your most critical and far-reaching investments that you will make as a homeowner. When it comes time to maintenance or replace your water heater system, make sure you go with the experts! Our experienced, helpful plumbers are equipped to support your gas, electric, ambient air, tankless, and high recovery water heating system. If you’re looking to increase the efficiency or heating capacity of your current system, we can help you with that too! Contact our team today and ask for a quote on your water heater service. Be sure to take a look at the links below too!

A Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Drain clogs are a severe irritation for homeowners and businesses, but they’re actually more dangerous than you may realize. When a clog forms inside a drain, it creates additional pressure against the pipe walls. Eventually, this can cause the pipe to rupture.

Normal store bought cleaners often fail to get the job done. Some even corrode the lining of your pipes or cause a chunk of the primary clog to create a whole new one! That’s why we recommend professional cleaning services to eliminate both the clog itself and the gunk that caused the clog in the first place. If you’re interested in scheduling a cleaning for your drains, contact our company at 817-542-1980. When you need a professional, efficient plumber in Fort Worth, TX, you know who to call!

Plumbing Renovations

Whole House Repiping

Whole House Repiping

Is it time to replace your aging piping system? One leaking pipe can create a mess, but a whole network of degraded and rusted pipes is way too expensive to maintain. Our professionals at True Plumbing would love to help you find a new piping material that can handle your family’s requirements. Whether you’re looking for a simple PVC pipeline or a luxurious copper system, we’ll help you remove your old pipes and carefully install the new ones! Call and get your estimate on whole house repiping.

Water Treatment Systems

What’s more important than the safety of you and your family? Clean, safe drinking water is an inseparable part of your daily life. We rely on clean water for more than just hydrating and cooking, though; everyday activities like doing the laundry or washing the dishes also depends on purified water.

When water contains too much mineral content, it can harm your appliances. When it contains hazardous chemicals, it can even cause physical pain and illness. Your plumbing system must overcome several types of contaminants, and our team is here to help it do just that! From simple carbon filtration systems to intensive reverse osmosis purification, True Plumbing offers water treatment solutions for all needs and budgets. As your local plumber in Fort Worth, TX, your family’s safety is important to us. When you’re concerned about the safety of your water supply, phone our team at 817-542-1980 for accessible and practical solutions, such as the ones listed below.

  • Water Filtration Systems Looking for a capable filter to clean out your water supply? Try one of our filtration systems.
  • Whole House Treatment Get clean, tasty water throughout the entire house and eliminate unwanted contaminants.
  • Water Softeners Take care of nasty hard water, which can damage your plumbing appliances and ruin clothes.
  • Ozone Water Purification This powerful purification system targets mineral, chemical, and biological impurities in your water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Purification One of the strongest purification systems on the market, reverse osmosis offers outstanding protection.
  • Carbon Filtration Systems Take a look at the numerous carbon filtration systems available from our team, all offering capable mineral and chemical protection.
  • Water Acid Neutralizers Restore the pH balance of your water by having our team utilize a special water acid neutralizer.
  • Well Water Treatment Protect your family from any impurities in your water supply, and start enjoying your tasty well water.
  • City & Drinking Water Treatment To take care of any impurities or contaminants that infiltrated your city water, be sure to have your water treated.
  • Water Purification Systems Eliminate any contaminants and impurities in your water system. All that’s left over is clean, delicious drinking water.
  • Water Quality Problems If you’ve had issues with hard water or water related illness in your family, call our team and have your water tested.