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Ozone Water Purification

Ozone Purification Targets Unwanted Biological Contaminants, Such as Viruses and Bacteria.

Have you been having problems with high mineral content or chemicals in your water supply? If you want the highest level of water purification available, your best bet may be ozonated water purification. These systems will effectively purify your water without using chemicals that can leave behind byproducts such as chlorine. Find out about all the advantages that can come with installing an ozone water purification system in Fort Worth, TX when you call 817-542-1980

How Ozone Water Purification Works

Your water may be home to hazardous contaminants that were picked up through seeping ground water, pipe leaks, or even previous water treatment actions. With ozonation, oxygen molecules are compressed into O3, or ozone, by using an ozone generator. These new compounds then attract each contaminant remove it using a carbon filter. Along with the removal of metals, chemicals, and minerals, your ozone water treatment will remove bacteria, allergens, and even viruses. These affordable, efficient purifiers come in both point of use and point of entry varieties for your convenience. Discover all the benefits that come with installing ozone water purification in home!

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Ozone Water Purification

Once Ozone Clings to Contaminants in Your System, a Carbon Filter Captures it.

The True Plumbing experts start your service with a comprehensive water test to pinpoint all of your water’s contaminants. We offer details on each of your ozone treatment and secondary filter options so you get the best system for your needs and budget. We will provide fast, stress-free installation of your system so you can start enjoying higher quality water immediately. If you want a safer way to provide healthy water to your home, ask about a ozone water purification system in Fort Worth, TX. We provide the skill you need for the best in purified home water. Don’t leave your home exposed to nasty chemicals or biological contaminants, which could be harmful for your health!

Call the True Plumbing professionals at 817-542-1980 for safer, better water. You can talk with one of our water treatment specialists about your water quality concerns, or even schedule an inspection.