Water Acid Neutralizer Installation

Eliminate Acid From Water

Natural occurrences like photosynthesis may leave your home’s well water more acidic than normal. Acidic water can cause corroded pipes, bad tastes, and even staining on your tubs, sinks, and clothes. Installing a water acid neutralizer can help neutralize your water’s acid and get rid of low pH problems. Discover your water acid neutralizer options in Fort Worth, TX when you call 817-542-1980 today.

Multiple Water Acid Neutralizer Options to Choose From

As your water passes through soil and organic matter, it picks up elements and impurities that contribute to pH imbalance. Issues such as stained clothing and fixtures, sour tastes, and even corroded pipes can be products of water with a low pH. Nowadays, water acid neutralizers can be installed to deliver pH-balanced water with no alkaline and bad tastes. Neutralizers are available in two types of systems and provide individual benefits with both. Find out which kind is best for your home!

Calcite Water Acid Neutralizers

The calcite neutralizer system is a popular type of water neutralizer and works with a calcium carbonate mixture to deliver pH balance to your water. Though these types are the most affordable acid neutralization systems, they need backwash services to be completed regularly to keep buildup and debris away. While calcite neutralizers can contribute to hard water issues, a water softener can easily be added to eliminate any calcium buildup.

Proportional Water Neutralizer Systems

Though these types of systems are more expensive than calcite styles, they offer effective pH balance by using injectors and ash in lieu of calcium. Though proportional neutralizers don’t require backwashing, they will need occasional maintenance of their injectors, valves, sensors, and mixing tank. You can rely on our treatment specialists to provide maintenance for your acid neutralizer system.

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You don’t have to live with acidic water in your home. Our experts can deliver the information and equipment you’re looking for to get rid of acidic water in your home forever. Learn more about your water acid neutralizer options in Fort Worth, TX by calling the True Plumbing team at 817-542-1980.