Gas Leak Detection in Fort Worth, TX

Gas Leak Detector

Take Gas Leaks Seriously

Do you think you may have a gas leak in your home? All signs that you may have a gas leak should be taken very seriously. Natural gas is both highly flammable and toxic to humans, so when you see the first sign of a leak, it’s imperative to call professionals. Call the True Plumbing experts immediately at 817-542-1980 if you require professional gas leak detection in Fort Worth, TX.

Dangers of Gas Leaks

Because of the danger associated with natural gas, it’s crucial to know the signs of a gas leak and what you should do if you suspect one around your home. First and foremost, if you suspect a gas leak, exit with your family and pets immediately. One of the most prevalent signs of a gas leak is the odor of sulfur in the air. This smell is infused into the gas by utility companies to serve as a safety signal since this hazardous gas is naturally odorless.

Another key sign of a leak is from the hissing sound coming from the pipe as the pressurized gas escapes. Lower gas pressure might be noticeable in your appliances, depending on the severity of the leak. Outside, you may see dead foliage near the leak point, or you could see bubbles escaping through puddles in your yard. If any of these indicators are noticed, it’s imperative to call an expert immediately.

A Gas Meter

Gas Leak Prevention

Don’t take any risks when it comes to natural gas. You can prevent many gas leaks simply by regularly maintaining your gas appliances. During maintenance service and repair visits, your technicians can spot weaknesses and damage that can lead to issues and repairing them. Finally, scheduling annual pressure tests can help you notice if your pressure has unexpectedly dropped. Call our professionals immediately at 817-542-1980 if you suspect a gas leak. The True Plumbing professionals can complete quick and cost-effective gas leak detection in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas. Make sure your home is safe. You can depend on our team for any emergencies related to gas or regular plumbing.