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Need a plumber in Kennedale, TX with the know-how, equipment, and years of experience required to repair your plumbing system? Then call 817-542-1980 for the wonderful plumbing team at True Plumbing, and discover our numerous quality solutions! You can anticipate outstanding service, because we’ve been supporting the local residential and business communities of North Texas for 25 years! Don’t take our word for it though; take a gander at our reviews from our myriad of satisfied clients!

Emergency Services

Emergency Plumbing Repairs


Our Plumbers are Available for 24/7 Repairs for Any Plumbing Crisis. The Sooner You Call…

Our certified and highly accomplished experts are always accessible for emergency repairs, no matter what your plumbing crisis may be. We’ve on call 24/7 for rapid plumbing assistance; all you need to do to get started is call 817-542-1980If your house is suffering from sewer backflow, or if a water line has ruptured beneath your house, contact our team immediately for an emergency plumber in Kennedale, TX.

Clogged Drain Repair


Our Team Offers Pro Drain Cleaning Solutions for Lasting Results.

While experienced plumbers realize how dangerous drain clogs can be, most homeowners only see them as a minor inconvenience. When clogs form within your drain pipes, it causes excess pressure than can cause your pipes to break. Bypass the corrosive cleaning chemicals from the store and chat with your local professional about getting lasting results for your clogged drains.

  • Clogged Shower Drains To fully remove the oils, bathing product, and hair from your shower drains, use one of our professional solutions.
  • Clogged Bathtub Cleaning Contact our clog cleaning pros if you need your bathtub effectively cleaned out.
  • Clogged Toilet Cleaning Service We’ll help you get your toilet functional once more using our potent clogged toilet cleaning technology.
  • Clogged Sink Drains Backflow in your sink may indicate you have a a problem with blockage. Speak with an expert about cleaning it out.
  • Clogged Pipe Cleaning By having our team clean your pipes out, you’ll avoid future bursting and costly water damage.

Gas Leak Detection

When you believe there may be a gas leak somewhere inside your home, phone our team immediately for prompt gas leak detection and repairs. Because our True Plumbing team is outfitted with advanced detection equipment, you can expect fast service and lasting results. Once you’ve phoned our team, we’ll quickly send a specialist over and have your gas system back in shape in no time!

Water Quality Solutions

Water Softeners


Water Softeners Reduce the Development of Hard Water, Which Can Harm Clothes and Appliances.

Hard water creates multiple problems for your home, the least of which is it’s disagreeable taste. The thick mineral content will accumulate inside your pipes, faucets, tubs, drains, and even your clothes. Thankfully, the experts from your local plumber in Kennedale, TX provide multiple water softener options to cleanse your water supply of mineral buildup. Dial 817-542-1980 and receive a personal quote for your home water softener!

Water Treatment Systems


Your Water Filter is an Important Investment, Protecting Your Family and Possessions.

If you are concerned with the quality of your drinking water, our treatment specialists at True Plumbing would be happy to discuss our filtration, purification, and cleaning solutions for your home! You can now guarantee your water is pure and clean for drinking, whether you depend on city water or draw from a well. Discover further details about our residential solutions by phoning our team and asking about the water treatment options below.

  • Water Filtration Systems Guard your home’s water from dangerous metal contaminants and harmful chemical residue.
  • Whole House Treatment Systems Protect your entire water supply from contamination, and enjoy tasty drinking water and clean utility water.
  • Ozone Water Purification Ozone is an aggressive molecule that attacks contaminants, eliminates them, and captures the remains inside a capable filter.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Try a reverse osmosis system for one of the most thorough water purification treatments available on the market!
  • Carbon Filtration Installation Carbon filtration is an very accessible treatment product that’s particular effective at sifting out chemical residue and mineral buildup.
  • Water Acid Neutralizers Is your family worried about acidic water levels in your home? Try using an acid neutralizer to restore your pH balance.
  • Well Water Treatment If you source water from a your family personal well, guarantee your water supply is safe for consumption with specialized treatment.
  • City & Drinking Water Treatment If you are concerned about chemicals or pathogens contaminating water from your municipal line, talk with one of our treatment experts.
  • Water Purification When you’re eager to neutralize harmful contaminants while simultaneously removing mineral content from your water supply, talk with one of our treatment specialists about water purification.
  • Water Quality Problems Worried about the purity of your water supply? Then call our water treatment professionals for a quality testing!

Water Heater Repair


Our Team Can Easily Service Your Gas, Electric, Tankless, and Other Types of Water Heaters.

Our courteous plumbing team supports all manner of water heating systems, such as traditional natural gas heaters and newer heat pump models. Whatever type of water heating system your home utilizes every day, we’re happy to provide cost-effective repairs and replacement services! Speak with one of our knowledgeable plumbers today, or take a minute and browse through the links below!

  • Tankless Water Heater Installation Looking for tools to conserve space inside your home? Try a new energy-efficient tankless water heater!
  • Water Heater Replacement If your water heater is approaching the end of it’s life cycle, talk with one of our plumbing experts about choosing your replacement heater.
  • Propane & Gas Heaters Looking to replace or repair your home’s propane heater? Contact our company and schedule your consultation!
  • Electric Water Heaters Try the latest energy-saving electric water heater when it comes time to replace your old heater.
  • Water Heater Inspection Bothered by your water heater’s reduced performance? Contact our team for a full inspection and testing.
  • High Recovery Water Heaters If your family regularly runs out of hot water during the day, consider having a high recovery heater installed to boost your production speed.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters If your home is in a hot climate, consider installing a heat pump as your water heater; you can save big time on energy expenses.
  • Hot Water Heater Boosters Water heater boosters are simple to install in your current system, but the boosted hot water capacity is very convenient.

Pump Installation & Repair

Plumbing Pump Replacement


The Right Pump Can Make All the Difference in Your plumbing System.

Plumbing pumps play a number of supporting roles in your home, such as preventing basement flooding or lifting waste water towards your sewer lines. Whatever form of pump you have equipped in your house, you can rely on the team at True Plumbing to repair and maintain your plumbing pumps. You’re welcome to phone our company at 817-542-1980 and consult with a local plumber in Kennedale, TX, or you can skim through the links beneath for further information.

  • Sewage Ejector Pump If your sewage water can’t climb up to the main city line, speak with our plumbers about installing a sewage ejector pump.
  • Backup Sump Pumps If flooding regularly menaces your home, consider installing a backup sump pump with a secondary power source.
  • Recirculation Pumps Enjoy faster hot water generation and easy energy savings by using a recirculation pump installed by our skilled plumbers.

Grinder Pumps


If Your Grinder Pump is Falling Behind in Performance, Schedule a Checkup.

Grinder pumps assist your sewer line by churning sewer water and grinding out waste for maximum flow. Degraded or under-performing grinder pumps have a greater chance of allowing sewage backflow and pipe clogs, which could lead to costly repair jobs. When your grinder pump isn’t functioning like it used to, talk with one of our veteran plumbers about scheduling maintenance or replacement service.

Sump Pumps

Flash floods menace countless homes throughout North Texas, which is why sump pumps are so commonplace throughout the area. Your home might be left vulnerable during the next heavy rain however, if your sump pump unexpectedly malfunctions. That’s exactly why our team at True Plumbing provides sump pump services, so you can find affordable repairs and installation when you need it most.

Lift Station Pumps


Your Lift Pump is Crucial for Elevating Sewer Waste Back to the Main City Line.

Does your sewer drain have a difficult time directing waste up towards the municipal sewer line? We can help! With the help of a powerful pump, your sewer lift station can drive water up towards the municipal line without any issues. If you think your property may benefit from a lift station pump, call our team and talk with an expert about getting your estimate.

Booster Pumps

For homeowners that often struggle with minimal water pressure, a booster pump offers invaluable help. Our team provides professional booster pump installation, so that you will never have to settle for insufficient water pressure. We’ll quickly your new pump situated and ready to start boosting your water pressure!