Speedy Gas Water Heater Replacement

A Plumber Works on a Gas Water Heater.

Expert Water Heater Solutions

Has your gas or propane water heater begun to exhibit symptoms of wear and tear? Most water heaters last around 8-12 years and will begin to have more frequent problems as it gets older. That means, if you’re not sure about the age of your water heater, it could be time to consider replacing it. To get propane and gas water heater replacement in Fort Worth, TX that you can rely on, call our plumbing experts at 817-542-1980. We are the plumbing authorities you can count on for water heater inspections too, to help you decide whether replacement or repair is the ideal option for your needs.

Gas Water Heater Services

There are a multitude of reasons that gas and propane water heaters have been used in homes for so long. These efficient water heaters are simple and inexpensive to operate, provide quick heat water for more efficient performance, and are widely available throughout the community. However, without proper maintenance, propane and gas heaters are prone to many damages and weaknesses.

For example, in areas that suffer from hard water (water with unusually high mineral content), it is very common for water heaters to build up sediment in its tank. This creates a great strain on your system and wears down the lining of your tank. Aged or worn water heaters may also start to consume greater amounts of energy as time goes on, causing higher utility bills. As these problems begin to happen more frequently, repairs become less viable economically. Replacement could be the most inexpensive solution for your home.

Water Heater Replacement Options

Electric water heaters are a popular replacement choice for gas and propane water heaters, for more reasons than one! Electric water heaters are considered to be much safer because they don’t employ the use of pilot lights or continuous gas flow. Electric water heaters can also be set with timers for extreme safety and energy savings when you aren’t home. Talk with our plumbing team now at 817-542-1980 to learn more about propane and gas water heater replacement in Fort Worth, TX, or schedule an inspection appointment for your existing system!