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Have you been looking everywhere for a trusted plumber in Grand Prairie, TX that can capably supply your repairs? Then contact 817-542-1980 for the hard-working plumbing crew at True Plumbing, and learn about our numerous quality services! Our 25 years of experience serving the North Texas community (both homeowners and companies) enables our team to provide outstanding customer service. Don’t take our word for it though; take a gander at our reviews from our myriad of satisfied customers!

Emergency Services

Emergency Plumbing Repairs


Our Plumbers are Available for 24/7 Repairs for Any Plumbing Crisis. The Sooner You Call…

Emergency plumbing repair is no joking matter; our certified and proficient plumbers are always available to assist you with your crisis. You can contact our experts for fast relief anytime at 817-542-1980; we’re on call 24/7 for emergencies. Whether your kitchen sink is overflowing or your main water line has burst, call our team as quickly as possible and ask for your emergency plumber in Grand Prairie, TX.

Clogged Drain Repair


Our Team Offers Pro Drain Cleaning Solutions for Lasting Results.

Drain clogs are a serious threat to your pipes, but many homeowners only view them as a minor inconvenience. What they don’t know is that drain pipes can be irrevocably damaged by clogs, on top of creating an ugly mess. To avoid damaging your drains with corrosive cleaning materials, ask a professional to repair your clogged drain on your behalf.

  • Clogged Shower Drains Protect your shower drain from continued clog development by having our expert clean it out for you.
  • Clogged Bathtub Cleaning Contact our clog fixing experts if you need your bathtub effectively cleaned out.
  • Clogged Toilet Cleaning Service We’ll have that obstinate toilet clog removed quickly! Just contact our team for professional cleaning.
  • Clogged Sink Drains Pooling in your drain may indicate you have a a problem with blockage. Talk with an professional about clearing it out.
  • Clogged Pipe Cleaning Protect your pipes from rising pressure and breaks by having them cleaned by our professionals.

Gas Leak Detection

When you suspect there may be a gas leak somewhere inside your house, phone our team immediately for prompt gas leak detection and repairs. With modern tools of the trade, our True Plumbing team can quickly identify and resolve gas leaks. Contact us 24/7 to arrange for your gas system inspection; we’d love to ensure your home is safe.

Water Quality Solutions

Water Softeners


Water Softeners Reduce the Development of Hard Water, Which Can Harm Clothes and Appliances.

Hard water inflicts considerable trauma on your plumbing system over time, on top of tasting awful. Your bathtub, pipes, faucets, and even your clothes will show the effects of the heavy mineral content. Fortunately, your local plumber in Grand Prairie, TX supplies potent water softeners to rid your house of hard water content. Get your home’s quote by calling our office at 817-542-1980.

Water Treatment Systems


Your Water Filter is an Important Investment, Protecting Your Family and Possessions.

Searching for a water treatment solution that provides lasting benefits and proven safety? You can finally ensure your water is safe and clean for drinking, whether you utilize city water or draw from a well. Discover further information about our residential solutions by calling our team and asking about the water treatment options below.

  • Water Filtration Systems Catch and filter out contaminants in your water supply, including harmful metals and chlorine residue.
  • Whole House Treatment Systems Ensure your drinking water is clean, and remove nasty metals and minerals from your utility water.
  • Ozone Water Purification Ozone is a powerful purifying molecule that clings to contaminants, neutralizes them, and captures the remains inside a capable filter.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Systems When you’re searching for the most comprehensive water purification solutions in the industry, try one of our reverse osmosis products!
  • Carbon Filtration Installation Great for capturing chlorine residue and mineral buildup, carbon filtration offers very affordable treatment options.
  • Water Acid Neutralizers If you want to restore your water to a safe, balanced pH level, talk to one of our specialists about our water acid neutralizers.
  • Well Water Treatment When you’re eager to start taking drawing from your well water but you need thorough treatment beforehand, contact one of our treatment specialists.
  • City & Drinking Water Treatment If you are concerned about chemicals or bacteria contaminating water from your city line, talk with one of our treatment experts.
  • Water Purification When you need to make sure your drinking water is safe from chemicals, metals, and pathogens, try one of our powerful purification solutions!
  • Water Quality Problems Concerned about the purity of your water supply? Then contact our water treatment professionals for a quality testing!

Water Heater Repair


Our Team Can Easily Service Your Gas, Electric, Tankless, and Other Types of Water Heaters.

From energy-conserving heat pumps to more traditional gas water heaters, our plumbing veterans service a vast assortment of heating systems. Whatever model of water heater your home utilizes every day, we’re happy to provide cost-effective repairs and replacement services! Speak with one of our knowledgeable plumbers today, or take a minute and investigate the pages below!

  • Tankless Water Heater Installation When you’re eager to save on storage capacity and utility costs, try one of our new tankless water heaters!
  • Water Heater Replacement If your aging water heater is long past it’s prime, speak with a skilled plumbing expert about finding your cost-effective replacement.
  • Propane & Gas Heaters Expand the life span of your current gas-powered system with repairs, or arrange your consultation for a replacement unit.
  • Electric Water Heaters Think about replacing your old propane system with a brand new electric water heater for lower energy costs.
  • Water Heater Inspection Concerned about your water heater’s effectiveness? Phone our office today and arrange your inspection.
  • High Recovery Water Heaters High recovery heaters enable your family to enjoy faster hot water generation, so you can avoid unexpected icy showers.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters Heat pumps absorb heat from the ambient air to generate hot water, which makes them very energy-efficient.
  • Hot Water Heater Boosters Grow your hot water capacity using one of our water heater boosters, which comes with easy installation.

Pump Installation & Repair

Plumbing Pump Replacement


The Right Pump Can Make All the Difference in Your plumbing System.

Plumbing pumps play a number of supporting functions in your home, such as preventing basement flooding or elevating waste water towards your sewer lines. Whatever form of pump you have equipped in your house, you can rely on the team at True Plumbing to repair and maintain your plumbing pumps. You’re welcome to phone our team at 817-542-1980 and speak with a local plumber in Grand Prairie, TX, or you can browse through the links beneath for further information.

  • Sewage Ejector Pump If your waste water can’t climb up to the main disposal line, speak with our plumbers about installing a sewage ejector pump.
  • Backup Sump Pumps If flooding frequently menaces your basement, think about installing a backup sump pump with an alternative power source.
  • Recirculation Pumps Expand your hot water supply using a recirculation pump, installed by our skilled plumbers.

Grinder Pumps


If Your Grinder Pump is Falling Behind in Performance, Schedule a Checkup.

Grinder pumps assist your sewer line by churning sewage and crushing waste for improved flow. Pump faults often become more common as your grinder pump ages, potentially causing pipe clogs, slower functionality, and even sewer backflow. Need service for your grinder pump? Contact our team and ask for your professional installation or maintenance options!

Sump Pumps

For basements that frequently deal with flooding, sump pumps provide an essential solution against water damage. When your sump pump breaks down, your home could be vulnerable during the next heavy rain storm. That’s why you can call our team anytime for sump pump maintenance and replacement assistance.

Lift Station Pumps


Your Lift Pump is Crucial for Elevating Sewer Waste Back to the Main City Line.

If your plumbing sits far beneath the main sewer line, you know how difficult it can be to force sewage upward towards the drain. Thankfully, our courteous plumbers at True Plumbing supply sewer lift station pumps to drive the sewage all the way up to the municipal sewer line. Call one of our knowledgeable plumbers today about having your lift station pump installed or repaired.

Booster Pumps

A booster pump is an invaluable tool for homeowners that often suffer from low water pressure. We’d love to supply professional installation and repair service for your family, and we guarantee lasting results. If you’re interested in receiving a quote for your home, talk with one of our courteous plumbers now!