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Your family’s water may be home to thousands of microbes, no matter if you use well or city water. Home water purification systems provide effective removal of toxins, bacteria, and even viruses, so you can rest easy knowing your family’s water is safe. Purification systems are available in both whole home and point-of-use versions so you get just the product you’re looking for. The True Plumbing experts will help you navigate your options for home water purification systems in Fort Worth, TX to identify the ideal option for you. Speak with our technicians today at 817-542-1980.

What’s Hiding in Your Water?

Even after water treatment is completed by the city, your home water supply may still contain contaminants like metals, pesticides, and even poisons such as arsenic. These contaminants get into your water through pipe leaks and ground seepage, and could potentially lead to breathing and digestion problems, along with bladder and skin sensitivity. Additionally, your water could have toxins, viruses, and microbes that could make you sick. Your water supply may have none of these contaminants, but it’s worth having a specialist visit and check. Discover what concentration of each particle is in your water with a water quality test. The True Plumbing team helps you choose between the home water purification systems to find the best solution for your family.

Do You Need Filtration or Purification?

Though water filtration is sufficient at eliminating most chemicals, metals, and toxins, only water purification eliminates bacteria and viruses. Filtration systems deliver better tasting, cleaner water by applying a filter or a combination of filters to eliminate large particles from your supply. Home water purification systems, on the other hand, use a process of reactions, membranes, and filters to provide water that’s void of even the smallest particles.

There are multiple types of purification systems. Reverse osmosis uses a semipermeable membrane together with a system of carbon filters to fully eliminate even the smallest particles from your water. Ozone purification uses a filtration process as well as ozone chemical treatment to cleanse your water. This is accomplished with the addition of an oxygen molecule to the water and can attract and eliminate every foreign particle from your water.

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Home water purification systems are able to deliver superior water treatment. Make sure your water is clean and tasty for your everyday use! Call the True Plumbing experts at 817-542-1980 to go over your options for home water purification systems in Fort Worth, TX!