Expert City and Drinking Water Treatment

A City Water Treatment Plant

Keep Water Safe

Believe it or not, even city water can contain hazardous impurities that are picked up through travel and even previous treatments. Particles in your city water may occasionally be detrimental to health, as well as being responsible for bad tastes and smells. The True Plumbing experts provide affordable solutions for your city and drinking water treatment in Fort Worth, TX. Our treatment removes hazardous contaminants until only clean, healthy water is left for your loved ones. Give our team a call today at 817-542-1980 and schedule an appointment for a water treatment consultation.

Typical Impurities Found in Your Water

Although city water is extensively treated, travel to your home from the treatment facility leaves room for both organic and inorganic materials to soak into your supply. These contaminants can contain organic particles like bacteria and viruses, metals contracted from the soil and the pipes, and even chemicals and toxins such as arsenic and pesticides. The city’s water treatment method can also leave behind hazardous byproducts such as chlorine and fluoride. These contaminants can not only contribute to funny tastes and smells from your water but can also lead to stains on your clothing and dishes, dry, itchy skin, and can also cause digestive and kidney issues.

Your City and Drinking Water Treatment Options

Our technicians can deliver a thorough water quality assessment to pinpoint the type and quantity of contaminants in your water supply and deliver realistic options to eliminate them for good. When you’re looking for more from your water supply, we can deliver the information needed to choose the most beneficial city and drinking water treatment for your home. We complete a full water quality test to identify your water’s impurities and provide real, effective system choices so your family can start enjoying better water today.

A Child Drinks Water.

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We can discuss your options, explaining differences in filtration and purification, and will help you decide on an under-the-sink or point-of-entry system. Our skilled technicians have experience in every system style to deliver reliable repair, filter replacement, and maintenance services. Call 817-542-1980 to talk to the True Plumbing professionals about your city and drinking water treatment in Fort Worth, TX. We provide the options you need for cleaner, healthier water for your home.