Slab Leak Detection You Can Trust

A Cracked Slab Needing Slab Leak Repair.

Slab leaks in the home often go undetected until the problem has grown into an expensive catastrophe. Knowing how to spot a slab leak can help you address the issue more quickly for decreased damages and less costly repair. Our plumbing team can help you identify and repair your slab leak, often without trenching. If you have seen indications that your home may have a leak, contact our team right away at 817-542-1980 for an inspection and slab leak detection in Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Causes and Clues of Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are generally caused by only a couple of reasons: your water lines have become aged and corroded, or your slab has shifted and ruptured your pipes. Whatever the cause, the resulting damage can quickly turn severe. Fortunately, slab leaks can sometimes be detected before they cause costly damages by watching out for these indicators. Underground leaks will expel water upward in search of the easiest escape. Because of this, you might notice water seeping under your walls, or mildew or moldy odor in your carpet.

Hot water pipe leaks can also produce hot spots under your flooring from collected water. More telltale indicators of a slab leak are puddles in your yard without an obvious source, decreased water pressure, and new spikes in your water bills. It’s important to speak with one of our experienced plumbers at the first sign of damage to identify and repair your damage before it becomes a nightmare.

Moisture-Ruined Flooring

Exceptional Slab Leak Repair at an Affordable Price

In summary, any of the following signs can indicate a slab leak.

  • Foundation cracks
  • Soil shifts around your home
  • Mold odor
  • Discolored flooring or outside walls
  • Sound of running water
  • More expensive water bill

When you suspect a slab leak, the True Plumbing experts are ready to complete your repairs quickly to cause as little damage as possible to your home. Our experts perform effective water line leak detection that pinpoints your pipe’s damages, without trenching or digging in many cases. Call 817-542-1980 to learn more about our slab leak detection in Fort Worth, TX.