Expert Underground Leak Repair

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Leak Detection and Repair Experts

Almost every homeowner comes face to face with a flooded yard at least once in their lifetime. Your main water line cuts through your yard, as does the sprinkler system and irrigation pipes, making flooding a very real possibility. As a homeowner, it’s crucial that you understand how underground leaks happen and the ways that you can detect them. This way, you can avoid serious flooding and water utility expenses. If you suspect you have a leak, and you need underground leak repair in Fort Worth, TX, or the nearby areas, speak with the True Plumbing office at 817-542-1980! We can set you up with our emergency plumbing repair for anything from main water line bursts to damaged sewer lines!

Yard Line Pipe Leaks

A variety of factors can cause leaks inside your buried piping, including invasive tree roots, or plain old wear and tear. Many times, underground leaks are difficult to locate since they start out minor and take time to develop. As your leak progresses, your repair costs may increase rapidly. To keep an eye out for these underground leaks, be sure to monitor your water bill for sudden increases or unexplained changes, as this may be a clue of a water leak. Sometimes, however, a pipe may suddenly burst, causing a sudden flood to your whole yard within minutes. When this occurs, quickly turn off the home’s water supply at the main valve and call for emergency plumbing right away.

Water Line Repair

Home Pipe Leak Repair

When you think your home could have a water leak, the True Plumbing professionals can deliver fast, affordable leak detection services to find and repair any size leak. Our plumbing team will identify your leak without trenching and digging in your yard, in most cases. Our plumbing team provides quick and affordable underground leak repair throughout Fort Worth, TX, and we deliver emergency services as well. Call our experts today at 817-542-1980 to begin! We’ll quickly get to work identifying the cause of the leak and repairing it so that you can get back to enjoying your daily routine. Find out why so many homeowners come to our team for help, and why the Better Business Bureau has given our team an A+ Rating!