Why Does My Garbage Disposal Keep Clogging?

Garbage Disposal Repair in Process

Why Did My Garbage Disposal Stop Working?

It is crucial for homeowners with a garbage disposal to reconsider how hardy their garbage disposal is. While garbage disposals are indispensable for tidying the kitchen, they are not impervious to damage. Overloading the garbage disposal with food scraps can cause it to overheat and trip the reset button. A peach pit or piece of hard matter could be trapped between the grinding plates. For such instances, if the usual steps do not work, it will be important to contact a plumber for garbage disposal repair.

Who to Call for Garbage Disposal Repair

Have you received a solid plumbing referral? If not, please feel free to contact your friends and neighbors to receive information about plumbers in your area. If your efforts have not revealed a plumber who can service your particular plumbing needs, the internet can be a good resource. A good internet search will reveal plumbing companies in your location. Check to make sure that they are licensed and certified in your state.

What Does it Mean When Your Garbage Disposal Just Hums?

Nearly every home in America has a garbage disposal. Because garbage disposals provide such valuable service, it continues to be important to keep them in good shape. The humming sound that your garbage disposal makes is a sign that there is electricity flowing through the unit, but that the blades are not functioning. One of the common pitfalls of garbage disposal units is a food clog. This occurs when pieces of food become lodged between the impeller blade and the drain hole, causing the unit to jam. Other causes of humming include a tripped GFI or disposer, and a stuck foreign object.

Garbage Disposal is Jammed

If your garbage disposal is jammed, the first thing you need to do is turn off the electricity to the unit. Caution is necessary. After this safety measure is achieved, there are a number of possible solutions. In fact, pressing the overload button, located underneath the disposal, may fix the issue right away. If the blades remain fixed or stuck, rotate them with an Allen wrench or a specialty garbage disposal wrench. If, after these measures have been checked, the garbage disposal is still broken, it’s time to call a licensed, insured plumber.

How Do I Know if My Garbage Disposal is Bad?

While garbage disposals were built with the intention of shredding food and waste for easy waste management, there are drawbacks. Small shreds of food can get stuck in your pipes and create a clog. Older garbage disposals and pipes are especially susceptible to damages. One of the chief ways to know if your garbage disposal is bad is if there are strange or unusual noises emanating from it during use. If your garbage disposal has a strange or bad smell that simply won’t go away despite repeated cleaning, this is also another bad sign. Finally, if your garbage disposal won’t won’t work at all, it’s time to call a professional plumber.

Garbage Disposal Repair or Replace

Garbage disposal replacement can be expensive and should be avoided when possible. If your garbage disposal is regularly maintained, there’s a far greater likelihood that it will perform well and only need repairs from time to time. If, however, your garbage disposal shows evidence of frequent clogs, and lack of efficiency, in addition to prevailing problems, it might be time for a replacement. While it is not unusual to need to press the reset button from time to time, this should not be a frequent occurrence. Signs of dull blades, and noticing that the food is taking a long time to grind are other signs that repair is necessary.

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Why Is My Garbage Disposal Backing Up?

There are a number of reasons why your garbage disposal could be acting up. Please consider the following factors.

  • Fibrous foods such as celery, asparagus, onions, and more.
  • Fats, oils, and greases. 
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Eggshells.
  • Any variety of bones.
  • Non-food items. 
  • Pasta, rice, potatoes and potato peels. 

It is imperative for homeowners to consider what goes into their garbage disposal and whether it really belongs there.

Garbage Disposal Repair has Occurred for This Kitchen Sink.

Cost for Garbage Disposal Repair

Most garbage disposals cost about $250 to fix, including labor. This average comes from a range of $70 to $400. The individual labor cost for a plumber usually runs to approximately $80 per hour, but this price can vary from plumber to plumber. A garbage disposal replacement usually runs for $150 for the materials alone.

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