What is a Booster Pump Used For?

A Booster Pump

What is the use of booster pump?

Imagine stepping in your shower expecting a full blast of hot water just to get a trickle from the shower head. That’s a disappointing and frustrating moment. Once you’ve ruled out a problem with your plumbing, if the low water pressure is consistent, you may want to find a way to fix the problem. One solution is a booster pump. 

You may wonder, “What is a booster pump used for?” These devices connect to your water delivery system to increase your water pressure. With a booster pump installed you’ll get a consistent boost in your water pressure every time you use it. These devices work for both city systems and well water delivery.

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Do I need a booster pump?

All of us have issues with low water pressure from time to time, but should you invest in a booster pump as a solution? Below are some reasons why you need to install a booster pump to prevent low water pressure.

  • If you are remodeling your bathroom you may want to add a booster pump to manage the water pressure for fixtures like extra shower heads or body sprayers
  • If you have hard water you may want to add a booster pump because hard water lowers water pressure over time.
  • If you are on a well water system booster pumps give you added power to circulate the water through your home.
  • Sprinkler systems will require the extra pressure produced by a booster pump.
  • Multistory buildings also require extra water pressure. 
  • For farming operations booster pumps are essential for proper irrigation.

Booster pumps are valuable for both home and commercial use. For commercial operations maintenance is essential to keep costs low, whether it’s for your plumbing system or you roof. Roofs are sometimes neglected until they cause problems like leaks. If you need commercial roof cleaning and maintenance in Fate, TX, and the surrounding area there are great companies that can help you avoid problems with your roofing system through regular maintenance.

How does a water booster pump work?

To increase water pressure, the booster pump works like a fan. It has an impeller that either spins or oscillates like a fan to move the water and increase the pressure. While the pump increases water pressure, one common problem with low water pressure is low flow as well. So you may wonder, “Will a booster pump increase flow?” The answer is the flow rate usually increases because the water pressure increases and pushes water faster through the pipe. Water flow will be affected if the water has to go uphill or travel around bends.

Booster pump with water tank

Booster pumps work in conjunction with water storage tanks to improve the water flow. The pumps  re-pressurize the water in the tank to get it to flow through the system. Rain collection systems, for instance, operate in this manner. They collect water in a storage tank that will require a booster pump to send it out of the tank and into the house and move it through the plumbing system. 

What is booster pump in water purifier

Along with increasing water pressure for the whole house, booster pumps are also used in reverse osmosis water purification systems. In those systems the pumps can be used to increase the pressure of the city system to improve the effectiveness of the reverse osmosis process. In the RO process, water is sent through a filter membrane at high pressure to filter out impurities in the water. While most home pressure systems can work at as low of pressure as 35 psi, ideally the higher the pressure the more effective the system will be. Lower water pressure will cause the unit to produce less drinking water, reject more water, slowly fill the storage tank, and lower the water quality. Booster pumps can increase the pressure to 80 psi or higher.

How much is a booster pump?

Costs vary for booster pumps depending on the size and features of the pump you choose. While there are some units available for under $600, the average price runs around $800. Some pumps will run more than $1,000. Labor charges for installation will also affect the price.

What is the best water pressure booster pump?

There are dozens of booster pumps on the market today. The best pump for you will depend upon your needs. Among some of the best brands and models on the market today include the BACOENG 160 psi high pressure pump; the Grundfos 98562817 SCLA2 3-45 AMCJDF 1×208-230V 60Hz pump; and the Zology Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump.

A Plumber Installs a Booster Pump.

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