Preserve Energy This Summer With These Four Tips

Running your air conditioning can be a huge expense, particularly throughout the summertime months in Fort Worth, Texas. Though countless homes in Fort Worth have most likely turned their air conditioners on by now, many may not know the simple ways they can conserve energy and decrease their monthly utility expenses this season. Take a look at the following suggestions to aid you in your endeavor to conserve both your energy usage and the comfort of your home this summer in Fort Worth.


Seal Ducts


If your ducts are unpatched, they may be draining a notable quantity of cold air your air conditioner distributes inside your home. This unavoidably requires your A.C to run longer to maintain the cool temperature in your house. Look at all the segments of your ducts for and signs of gaps or cracks and seal them with insulation substance or caulk.


Shut Your Shades and Drapes


If your house has numerous windows, you may already know how much heat the sun’s rays transport into your home during the sunniest times of the day. The energy transferred through glass can drive the temperature in your house up to a large extent, which will propel your air conditioner to work longer and harder to efficiently manage the heat. Be sure to keep your shades and drapes shut throughout the brightest and hottest points in the day to lessen your energy usage and prevent the sun’s UV rays from heating up your home.


Plug in Your Fans


While fans don’t generate cooling air on their own, they do help with the circulation of cold air throughout a home. Fans extract warm air out of the space while transporting cooling air in. Though the air’s temperature remains the same, this method makes the air seem crisp and cooling. Have your fans and your air conditioner operating at the corresponding time this season to facilitate the circulation of cold air within your house.


Insulate Vents


Though most ventilation systems aren’t insulated, getting them insulated can do wonders to bind the cool air in your vents as it travels. This enables the cooling air to flow throughout your home more efficiently.