What to Consider About Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

A home’s sewer line is instrumental to the proper removal of waste water. If something should go wrong with the sewer line, it can be tough to know if a simple repair will be adequate to fix the problem. Check out the following list of potential issues before you come face to face with a severe problem that requires either sewer line repair or replacement.


Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots are drawn to water, so they can cause major damage to a sewer line. Roots can find their way into a sewer line and wreak havoc in several different regions. Repair might be a viable option, but it is important to examine the kind of pipe you must determine if replacement is a better idea. Either way, it may be a good idea to think about planting trees farther away from your sewage line to reduce the risk of tree limbs infiltrating the line.


Sewer Line Type

You can’t decide whether to replace or repair your sewer line before you know the type of material from which your pipes are made. Clay lines, for example, can become fragile over time from even a small leak. This can cause problems in the future, so it may be a more economical option to replace the line rather than doing several repairs.



Repairing a small portion of your sewer line will cost less than replacing the entire system, and a small repair is also going to be less disruptive and easier for you to manage. Keep in mind, though, that a homeowner is required to obtain the proper permits, endure some sort of disruption, and pay for repair costs each time a small repair is made. Making numerous small repairs may end up being more inconvenient and more expensive than simply replacing the entire sewer line. Consider replacing the line all at once if you can afford it, so you don’t have to deal with it in the future.


When Repair is a Better Option

It may be a better option in some circumstances to have your sewer repaired rather than replaced. If you are selling your home soon, you may not want to pay for a whole sewer replacement. If your sewer line is made from newer material and only appears to have one small, regionalized issue, opting to repair the section may be a better choice than having the entire system replaced.